Private Jet Charter Brokers Offset Emissions with the

Joining the global effort to both increase awareness, and respond to the need for clean air and renewable energy, private jet charter broker Imperial Jets is taking steps to offset the fuel emissions released into the atmosphere on their chartered flights. In partnership with the Imperial Jets is donating hundreds of dollars per flight to causes supported by the effort. supports three types of carbon offset projects: renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation. Each type plays an important role in the fight against climate change. The projects supports meet the same high standards that thousands of companies, organizations, and governments rely on to ensure quality environmental protection.

As more travelers are choosing to avoid hectic airport terminals, and commercial airlines, private charter brokers are seeing a quickly growing demand for trips. It's important that we do our part to protect the environment as our industry gains popularity, says Howard Gollomp, CEO of Imperial Jets. The cause is fantastic.

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